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The practice is committed to undergraduate teaching.

Student doctors and nurses regularly sit in on our consultations as part of their training but only with your permission. Sometimes you may be asked to see a student for assessment before seeing the Doctor. Please inform the reception staff if you would prefer not to see a medical or nursing student.

As part of their training students have to video record consultations with patients. The recording is viewed either with one of the doctors in the practice or in a small group of students led by an experienced GP in a teaching session. The recording is erased when the student leaves the practice. If you are asked to have a consultation recorded you will be given further information and asked to sign a consent form. At any time if you do agree you can ask for the recording to stop and at anytime for the recording to be erased (before it would be when the student leaves the practice).

We also mentor nurses on the prescribing or physical examination who will be sitting in with the doctors or nurses.