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Private Services

Some services are not covered by the NHS and a charge will be made. Examples include completion of a travel insurance claim form, passport application and sports or occupational medicals. The reception staff will inform you of the charge involved.

If you are resident outside the EU it is possible there is no reciprocal arrangement between governments for your medical treatment, if this is the case a charge will be made for a consultation and any medication prescribed will be on a private basis. The reception staff will inform you if you are not eligible for NHS care and the cost of your consultation.


Brinsley Avenue Medical Practice - 11 Brinsley Avenue, Trentham , ST4 8LT
  • Telephone 01782 657199
Brinsley Avenue Medical Practice - Barlaston Surgery - Old Road, Barlaston, ST12 9EP
  • Telephone 01782 657199
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